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Cruisy Susie – CruiseOne; Expert Cruise Planning For The Perfect Cruise Vacation

Choosing a cruise online can be confusing;  Cruisy Susie & Crew are positioned to help!  We are on the front lines for current cruise issues! Our professional attention is on the ever-changing protocols for cruising, including: safety enhancements, travel insurance policies, cruise-line cancellation terms, itinerary and destination updates… as well as insider feedback on the “new norm” for cruising.

Allow us to guide you through the process of planning your next cruise vacation; ensuring the cruise you select perfectly compliments your distinctive lifestyle, bucket-list dreams, health or wellness needs and delivers a great value for the vacation investment.  Clients can be confident that our industry knowledge, respected experience and welcoming approach will deliver a hassle free, comprehensive and vivid vacation memory!

The benefit of using an agent goes way beyond saving money. You have a someone to act as a liaison between you and the cruise line. Someone with years of travel experience and inside knowledge to guide you in the right direction.  Someone who can answer questions and has current info on all things travel. This is our pledge to you… our friends we call our clients.